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Name: Candice White

Date of Birth: May 7, 1898

Birth of Place: Michigan

Height: 5 ft 1 inch (1 m 55 cm)

Weight: 99 lbs (45 kg)

Shoe size: 8.66 inches (22 cm)

Blood Type: O

Hair color: Reddish-blonde

Eye color: Green

Figure: Petite

Parents: None

Siblings: Everyone at Pony's Home

Favorite color: Red

Favorite flower: Sweet candy

She dislikes: Snakes, centipedes

Hobbies/Interests: Climbing trees, Lassoing

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Candice "Candy" White, the main character, was a blonde girl with freckles near her nose, large emerald green eyes and long, curly hair, worn in pigtails with bows. She was supposedly born in May 1898 (in the manga), but in the anime she was born in winter. As a baby girl, she was abandoned at Pony's Home near Lake Michigan, and left in the care of Miss Pony and Sister Lane (or Sister Maria).

Candy grew up with other orphans in Pony's Home. She was optimistic, generous, strong and tomboyish. Her first love was the "Prince of the Hill", a young teenager wearing Scottish kilt whom she met on Pony's Hill when she was merely six years old.

At the age of 13, when she worked as a servant in the Leagan's family, she fell in love with Anthony Brown, whose appearance resembled that of "Prince of the Hill" very much. Due to some misunderstanding with Anthony one day, she ended up in a river on a small boat and was almost drowned in the waterfall. She was rescued by a mysterious vagabond, Albert, who lived with a group of forest animals.

She was then adopted by Uncle William Andrew, the family patriarch in the Andrew's family. Soon after that, Anthony died after falling off his horse. Heartbroken, Candy left her adoptive family and went back to Pony's Home. During Christmas, Uncle William sent George, his right hand man, to accompany Candy to London to study at St. Paul's Academy with her cousins, where she fell in love with Terry Grandchester. She also ran into Albert again in London, who later informed her in a letter that he had gone to Africa. In Fall, Terry left London and went to America to pursue his dream. Like Albert and Terry, Candy decided to go back to America to follow their suit to find her own destiny. At the same time, she was hoping to meet Terry again some day.

On her way to America, she found her calling to be a nurse. With Miss Pony's recommendation, Candy started studying and practicing as a nurse in Mary Jane nursing school. Around her 16th birthday, she learned that her cousins, Archie and Stear, and her friends, Annie and Patty, would all be coming to America due to the imminent war in Europe. She also received news from George, telling her that Uncle William respected and supported her decision of pursuing the nursing career.


Later, together with some nurses from Mary Jane, were transferred to St. Joanna Hospital in Chicago , where she met Albert again, who was injured by a train accident in Italy and lost all his memory. Candy decided to take care of him until his recovery by living with him as brother and sister. Meanwhile, she was keeping in touch with Terry, now a brooding actor in Broadway, through letters.


Unfortunately, when Candy and Terry could finally meet in New York for his Romeo and Juliet premiere, she realized that Terry was faced with a dilemma. He had to choose Susanna, the Broadway actress who had sacrificed herself saving his life, or Candy. Candy decided to leave Terry because she could tell that he had already chosen Susanna over her. 


Candy returned to Chicago heartbroken. In the many months that followed, she continued her life with Albert until one day he disappeared in her life again. Only then she realized that Albert was important to her and she missed him very much. A few months after that, she learned that she was forced into an engagement with Neil Leagan, the one who had bullied her for years, and that was the order from Uncle William. Then George instructed her how to find her adoptive father in Lakewood, where she shockingly discovered that Uncle William was actually Albert!


After Uncle William helped Candy annul the forced engagement, for some reason she still decided to go back to Pony's Home although she knew she would miss Albert. On the day she returned, Albert revealed to her on Pony's Hill that he was also her "Prince of the Hill".


Name: William Albert Andrew

Date of Birth: June 28, 1890 (Manga version. If I follow CCFS version, he'd be 11 years older than Candy)

Birth of Place: Lakewood

Height: 1.85 cm

Weight: 75 kg.

Shoe size: 11.69

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Sapphire Blue

Figure: Athletic

Parents: William Charles and Priscilla

Siblings: Rosemary

Favorite color: Black

He dislikes: crowd

Hobbies/Interests: Nature and animals, traveling, climbing trees, cooking

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Albert was actually Uncle William a.k.a. William Albert Andrew, who was the sole heir in the Andrew's family. His mother died soon after giving birth to him. At the age of 8, he succeeded his father, William Charles, as the Head of the family, after his father had passed away in his prime. Some years later, his beloved elder sister, Rosemary (Anthony-Andrew Brown’s mother) passed away at a young age too.

As a way to protect the family, Albert was not permitted to show himself in public until he was of age under the strict rules of his aunt and also his guardian, Elroy, the older sister of his father.

Albert was in fact the “Prince of the Hill”, Candy’s first love. She met the mysterious teenager on Pony's Hill when she was six.

Years later, when Candy was nearly drowned in a waterfall near a mountain lodge, one of the Andrew's properties, Albert was the one who rescued her, and he recognized her as that little girl on Pony's Hill without telling her. Before long, they became good friends after spending some time together near that mountain lodge. He learned that she was just a servant girl working for the Leagans.

Soon after that, Candy informed Albert that she was being kicked out by the Leagans and had to find a new job, so Albert decided to adopt her under the name Uncle William. Unbeknownst to Candy, Albert became her legal guardian and adoptive father.

By coincidence or by fate, when Albert had lost his memory after a train accident in Italy, he ran into Candy at the hospital in Chicago where she worked as a nurse. Though he didn't remember who she was, he agreed to let her take care of him until his recovery, and they had lived together as brother and sister in an apartment since then. Months had passed, and they appeared to be closer than brother and sister by the care and affection they showed to each other.

At the end of the manga / anime, Candy discovered that Albert was indeed her Uncle William. She was even more shocked afterwards when Albert revealed to her that he was also her ‘Prince of the Hill’.

Source:  Asahi site - Friska's Blog and some were described according to Old Candy Candy Novel, Candy Candy Final Story, Candy Candy Manga and Toei Animation.